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The Vinyl Resurgence

The Vinyl Resurgence

Driving along NE 79th Street here in Miami the other day and saw a new Record Store opening. Didn't have a chance to stop yet but I definitely will. While it's great to witness vinyl's resurgence it brings with it memories of the old record stores of my youth. My memory was further prompted by a witty op-ed piece in the New York Times from the other day where the author lamented the closing of a local record store in his town.

The coolest record store in Cleveland was in the old neighborhood around Superior and Euclid. It was kind of dark; lined floor to ceiling with albums; and always had Jazz playing on the turntable. It also may have been where I had my first introduction to incense.

I was a kid and didn't have much money but the owner, a cool cat with a goatee whose name I can’t remember, tolerated my presence and answered my never ending questions .

Later, if memory serves, this guy opened a short-lived jazz club. Our interactions increased once I got on Cleveland radio (WJMO-WABQ-WERE). But my time for hanging out became more and more limited. If I just wanted a particular album I'd run to Federal's Department Store on Lee road and be in and out in a matter of minutes. But every now and again I'd find myself compelled to return to the old neighborhood and sit with him as  he'd expound on the latest news about the Jazz world.

Like the author of the op-ed, I, too, miss the demise of the local vinyl stores of my youth but get a kick out of seeing modern day entrepreneurs opening up new ones in disparate locales. To me there's something irresistible about the smell of old books and old records.

Any old vinyl memories of your own? Email me, I love hearing from you guys!

Mike H.